How to use Art Resin

Many of my paintings have a self leveling glaze over the top, that looks like a thick layer of glass. This finish portion of my work adds a great touch to amplify the colors and the sharpen the image, leaving your art work looking professional!




Gather all the items you need to start the resin process:

1./ A container to raise the artwork and hold the resin after it self levels

2./ Your Art Resin and Hardener

3./ Make sure your working area is level (Use a level on your table)

4./ Gloves (To protect your hands from stickiness)

5./ Good lighting

6./ A clean mixing bowl and tool to mix

7./ A pin or torch to pop the bubbles

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 3.27.44 PM.png



Pour one part resin, one part hardener into a clear container void of debris. Begin to mix for 3-5 minutes gently. The more vigorous you mix, the more bubbles it'll make.  * Note: Be sure to mix the full 3 minutes, at least. I once did not do this step and the resin dried with funny amoeba shapes.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 3.51.25 PM.png

Unmixed resin on the left. Mixed and 5 minute settled resin on the right.


* When you first start stirring the resin it'll look milky and swirly. Continue to mix until clear. I found if you let the resin settle for 5+ minutes, many of the bubbles lift away.


        POUR RESIN


Once your resin is mixed, pour it in the center of the canvas. You have about 45 minutes to work with the resin until it begins drying. I use my palette knife to move the resin around to the edges. Don't forget to include the sides of the art for a professional finished look.


Once your resin is poured and in it's place, place your art in a safe place and cover it from debris. I usually pour my resin pieces in the morning so I have time to monitor it through the day every (15 minutes or so) to double check no tiny fibers catch in the resin. After about 15 minutes the bubbles will rise out of the art. As i'm checking on my art for debris within the first 45 minutes of drying time, I also go in with a pin and pop as many bubbles as I can find.


      Pop the bubbles

Finished Art!

After 24 hours check the resin by touch. By then it should look and feel completely hardened. I'll usually have resin drips that fall under the painting and create blobs.  If you need to, take a sander and sand away any extra resin that formed on the back as it self levels through the night. 

Here's a link to the Art Resin website! I use their products for all my Resin needs and love them!